Rent a Room

Rent a room for erotic services Hi and welcome to Erotik Club Interlaken – Club Sauna Horn – The Erotik Club for independent people that offer erotical services to their visitors / with the 24/7 permission. For your erotic services. Here you can read how it works.

How it works?

Smart.Flexibel.Transparent.Fair. - That's how we are working.


Here you get all the informations you need. If you are coming from a EU-Country (inkl. Schengen) we will organise all of the essential documents that you legal can work this job by us.
Usually our renters are coming from EU Countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, England, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Lettland, Litauen, Spain, Tschoslowakia, Italy etc). We can offer you these options:

  • We organise you a VISA for 90 days (reporting procedure by the Migration) (for free)
  • We organise you 1 year VISA registrated by the Migration / Community) or (yearly cost CHF 350.00)
  • with an already active and valid Permission (L/B/C-Permission) or (for free)
  • as a Swiss citizen (for free)

you are allowed to rent a room for a daily charge. 

How much costs a room per 24h?

The rent of a living and work room is CHF 200.00. The rent starts usually from 12.00 PM  and is 24h valid. The arrival day count as the first day. Exklusive taxfee (withholding taxes are separat coming from the taxdepartments 1:1)

ATTENTION --> 85% Rent reduction / discount per day
Effective rent go by CHF 30.00 instead of CHF 200.00 if you use it only privatly (taxfree).

Why such a high reduction to the rent? Simply: When you  couldn't earn any money in a workday that you rent by us the room, - we support you with a discount up to 85% and you pay us instead of CHF 200.00 only CHF 30.00 rent. Everybody can have once a bad day, and that avoid with our system that you get in stress or that you find not anymore the motivation to pay just a high rent without you can earn some money.  We work transparent and fair. Averagly our renter pay CHF 100.00-120.00 / per workday to us (2023).*The rent reduction is freely a choice of the owner and counts as a act of goodwill. He always can stop it and is not obligated to reduce the daily rent.

How I earn money by rent a room in this location?

We are not interested to earn a precentage income. Your income is 100% yours and customers, clients, visitors that you offer a service will pay always the money 100% to you. We are only renting rooms and take a daily charge in the next day. 
Our renters provides erotical and sexual services. Some them are offer also Escortservices.

You can serve any clients, customers, visitors that enter our location or you can pick them up meanwhile they are waiting in our communitylounge.  You can offer any erotical services to them which you wanna provide. Our location is visited by over 5000-6000 visitors yearly

People that rent by us a room usually take an averagly charge of their standardservices*

  • 15min service CHF 100.00-150.00
  • 20min service CHF 100.00-150.00
  • 30min service CHF 150.00-200.00
  • 40min service CHF 200.00-250.00
  • 50min service CHF 250.00-300.00
  • 60min service CHF 300.00-350.00

*Averagly standard services (Handjob, Massages, Happy End Massages, Blowjob (with condom) Sex (with condom), Services can be provided in your room, sauna, pool, dancepilon.

How long is the rentcontract valid?

You will pay us a daily fix rent, you can decide by yourself how long you want to stay. If you do not like the place or you are in general not happy staying there or you cant continue with any other reason , you can cancel the contract within 24hours (next day) (for both parties possible).

Who do advertising and who will pay it?

What we do to publish our location and your Sedcard by us

  • On our websites you can publish yourself for free. NEW FEATURE: You also can publish yourself on our websites in advance and tell potential visitors that you are soon by us. You can change anytime by yourself, describtion, services, prices and pictures to keep them up to date and to get more visitors and customers.
  • We have more than 10 years experiences to publish advertising in this branche. We work together with an marketingexpert that haves a Master in advertising (diplom).
  • The location is in general since over 30 years public and legal and offer since at begin erotical services. The famousy of our location is in whole Berner Oberland incredible and we are proud to say that people from far away come to visit the location.
  • We offer regular for our renters that we publish them on several famous eroticportal and plattforms.
  • We are almost in all Index inside and by Google we are showing always up as 1st Ranking in our Area or at least in the first page.
  • We are on googlemaps visible which helps people to find the adress in their area.

All the advertising and marketing that we offer its for you for free. It is absolutely possible that you can make some extra advertising whenever you want and you can write simply your own phonenumber to make in advance already some appointments with the clients. We can help and support you with the extra advertisingoptions and share our knowledge with you, - for free.

What is in the daily rent included?

  • bar with drinks (use of refrigerators and drinks*)
  • Small kitchen (another refrigerator for food,)
  • dishes, pans, kitchen utensils)
  • hot tub (currently under renovation)
  • sauna (large 12-person sauna that operates from October-April)
  • condoms 
  • bed linen
  • towels
  • bathrobes
  • showers/toilets for men and women
  • Hygienic items 
  • as well as all the necessary utensils for cleaning the location, cloths, sponges, soaps, shower products, etc.
  • accept credit card payments & other bank or twint transactions (will be allocated to your separate guest account, which only you can access)


*Consumed drinks will be calculated from us, and selled to you for the BuyIN prices.

In the daily rent are follow services included

  • Bar with drinks (Using of fridges and drinks*)
  • Small Kitchen (another fridge for Food)
  • Whirlpool (at the moment under construction)
  • Sauna
  • Condoms
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Bathrobe
  • Showers / Toilettes for Man and Woman
  • Hygienic assecoires (shower Gel, Cleaning Stuff, candles etc)
  • Accepted payments by Creditcard (Your Payment went to a separate Account, which only you have access.)

*Consumed drinks will be calculated from us, and selled to you for the BuyIN prices.

Are you interested?

 We can help you with the permission and advertising for free. 

If you have any questions. 
Call our Barlady Aleksandra 079 909 85 23 or our location Manager 079 741 16 55 (also Whatsapp). 
We are looking forward to see you soon